ATLAS Rear Tippers are specifically designed and fabricated to suit your purpose and match your specifications. The body super structure is fabricated from high strength, heat treated fine grain steel which gives ATLAS Rear Tippers extra strength and durability. A higher tipping angle, short tipping time and low centre of gravity are some of the unique features of ATLAS design and engineering concepts, which ensures high level of stability for your vehicles.
The wide range of ATLAS Rear Tippers covers capacities from 4 cbm to 20 cbm to suit specific requirements.
The superstructure is specially designed and constructed from fine grain steel which conforms to ASTIM A36 Grade or equivalent.

A) The front and side walls are firmly welded to the floor to form a solid unit. The slanted side stiffeners make the body extra strong to withstand dynamic impact loads.

B) The Tailgate is hinged at the top and has maximum discharge opening and is equipped with automatic locking and unlocking device.

C) The super-structure of subframe which comprises of body runner and chassis frame is fabricated from hot rolled rectangular sections or rolled steel channels conforming to British Standards BS 4360.

D) The stabliser frame is fabricated from hot rolled rectangular sections conforming to BS 4360 and is hinged to the subframe and body runner with high tensile steel shaft and bushes.
Tipping is generated through multi extension telescopic hydraulic jack. The hydraulic system used on ATLAS Rear Tipper is well proven world wide and has a trouble-free operating life. The pump is connected directly or through drive shaft to the power take off unit and has a high flow rate, maintenance free operation and maximum efficiency.
Access Ladder Rugs, Tool Box, Rope Hooks, Tarpaulin Rack, Spare Wheel Carrier with Mechanical Winch, Mud Guards and Mud Flaps.
Surface of ATLAS Rear Tipper bodies is grit blasted to S.A. 2.5 Swedish Standard and painted with one coat of primer and two coats of epoxy paint single colour of customer's choice.
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