Al Shirawi Equipment Company Launches New Semi Trailer For Bulk Salt Movement
Salt Bulker

Al Shirawi Equipment Company (ASECO) has launched a semi trailer for the transportation of salt. This requirement is for an oil field services company that regularly needs this salt to manufacture brine for use in well services.

The three axle semi trailer has a capacity of 40 cubic meters, The trailers were made with the collaboration of Hermanns GMBH (, and is equipped with the Hermanns intelligent outlet control system to control the six hoppers to ensure a quick and complete discharge. With three 14 ton BPW axles, the total weight of payload is 47 tons.

ASECO ( has been manufacturing trailers for 35 years and the partnership with Hermanns is 21 years old that has resulted in several bulk transport trailers to be manufactured in the Gulf for the very first time.

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