Al Shirawi Equipment Co. LLC

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Al Shirawi - ATLAS - SHIRAWI: Heavy Equipment Manufacturer for Transportation

ASECO with its ATLAS - SHIRAWI brand is a leader both in process and transportation equipment fabrication serving some of the finest clientele in the region and for some worldwide markets. Our projects are a true testimonial to our capabilities as we continue to execute the most complex fabrication requirements in the region.

With techno commercial partnership with international leaders like HERMANNS, HYVA and IMER, we provide the most advanced equipment solutions to companies involved in Transport of Construction Materials Like Rock, Sand, Aggregate, Cement, Wet and Dry Mix Concrete. Solid and Liquid waste like Domestic Garbage and Sewage, Industrial Waste and Sludge.

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Custom Trailer, Tanker, Tipper Manufacturers in Dubai, UAE

ASECO is an ISO 9000, Certified Truck body and trailer Manufacturing Company. Over the years we have developed a broad customer base spanning across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Our state of the art engineering, with top trailer manufacturers and best tanker trailer manufacturers extend over Dubai Industrial city, Ghala, Muscat, Oman, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Custom made tipping trailers, tankers and tipper are specially designed and produced on request. Our solutions range from initial planning through to procurement, construction management, and commissioning & operational support services. By combining our facilities from engineering, design and detailing through fabrication, erection and quality testing, we deliver fully integrated transportation solutions matching international standards.



Contact Us P.O.Box 10983, Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Telephone: 00971-4-2769738, Fax: 00971-4-3472157, Email:
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