Al shirawi Sewage Cesspit Emptier Truck


ATLAS - SHIRAWI Cesspit Emptier / Vacuum Tanker, UAE, is an ideal and versatile system for the handling of sewage, sludge and slurry, industrial effluents (waste oil and chemicals) handling, street washing and for agricultural application of vacuum collection and substructure was initially designed and fabricated in collaboration with M/s. Whale Tanker of UK for operating under severe conditions in the Gulf region. ATLAS - SHIRAWI provides services for sewage suction trucks, ATLAS - SHIRAWI sewage tanks, and sewage vacuum truck. The superstructure is fabricated of high strength heat-treated fine grain steel which conforms to ASTM standards A 36 grade or equivalent.
A wide range of ATLAS - SHIRAWI Cesspit Emptiers - Vacuum Tankers cover capacities from 1500 Imperial Gallons to 10000 I.G. Imperial Gallons mounted on suitable truck chassis. Capacities above 4500 I.G. are fabricated in the form of semi-trailers.
The cylindrical shell of the tank is precisely rolled on CNC Plate Bending Machine from steel plates. The tank ends are closed with dished and flanged ends. Internally fitted with transverse anti-surge baffles and circumferentially fitted with anti-implosion stiffeners to provide strength and rigidity to the tank.
The door is hinged at the rear on the driver's side and can be opened fully. The door is secured with a full set of security clamps and sealed by means of a special hollow neoprene gasket with the provision of grease nipples for lubrication of the door clamps and door hinges.
The pump fitted on the tank is by reputed manufacturers like MORO, JUROP and BATTIONI with automatic lubrication system. The pump can be powered by a P.T.O. via propeller shaft or hydraulic drive or from diesel engine via coupling or belt and pulley. The salient features of the pump are as follows:

Automatic air cut-out valves protection to prevent tank contents from entering into the pump.
Sludge and sediment trap with grit strainer.
Vacuum and pressure relief to control vacuum and pressure inside the tank.
Vacuum and Pressure gauges to indicate actual operating vacuum and pressure in the tank. Sight glass that indicates the level/quantity of the contents of the tank.
The loading and discharge of the effluents are carried out through quick action ball valves mounted on the rear door and connected by quick release Bauer coupling.
Reinforced suction/discharge Hoses 3 mtr. Length with quick release Bauer coupling 2 nos. Horsebox with hinged covers is provided for hose storage. Elngine throttle control for controlling pump speed and steel mudguards with rubber mud flaps.
Grit blasted internally and externally to SA 2.5 Swedish Standard.
Internal - Epoxy Lining or Coal Tar Epoxy Lining.
External - Single color enamel as per customer's choice.
Ladder access 18" Inspection man-hole. Extra hoses with quick release Bauer coupling. Rotating Beacons. Working light at the rear end. Pumps - outlet oil separator, outlet silencer, inlet strainer, washable inlet filter and vacuum filter. High-velocity air/liquid cooled vacuum pumps for special applications.
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