Alshirawi Tanker


ATLAS - SHIRAWI Fuel Tankers, UAE, are specifically designed and fabricated in cylindrical, elliptical & "D" shape to suit specification of truck chassis manufacturer and customers' requirements for self-loading/unloading and transporting hydrocarbon fuels such as Aviation Gasoline, Petrol, Diesel, and Petroleum/Organic solvent over primary/secondary roads and cross-country terrain conditions. The tank superstructure is fabricated of high strength heat-treated fine grain steel which gives extra strength and durability. ATLAS - SHIRAWI manufactured fuel tankers are spread across all of Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar Kuwait and Africa.
A wide range of ATLAS - SHIRAWI fuel tanker covers capacities from 1000 I.G. to 5000 I.G. and capacities from 6000 I.G.to 12000 I.G. are made in form of semi-trailers.
The tank shell is precisely rolled on CNC Plate Bending Machine from steel plates. The ends of the tank are closed with dished and flanged ends. Internally fitted with transverse anti-surge baffles with manholes for access between compartments. The tank is designed with a minimum lateral slope longitudinally and a full-length valance is provided on top of the tank to eliminate spillage due to overfill. Drain off pipes are provided at the rear of the tank.
Manholes with lockable covers are provided on top of the tank of size 18" dia.with filling hatch of 10", with provision for safety features such as pressure/vacuum vent, overturn protection, emergency venting, weather & tamper proof and self-latching.
Positive displacement type - Power take-off driven pump is fitted on the tank which is easy to start and use, more efficient, economical operation with low noise and vibration level. Capacities range from 25 usg/min to 150 usg/min depending upon the capacity of the tank, viscosity of the fluid, density of the fluid and flow rate.
A) An emergency valve comprising of vortex breaker, water deflector, and stainless steel wire mesh filter is fitted at the bottom of the tank and is cable operated with a fusible link through quick release bottom operator lever housed at a control station.

B) Automatic bottom loading fitments include out-let valve, piping routed from the emergency valve to outlet valves, bottom lever operator, quick release cam lock couplings & faucets.

C) Dip Tube Assembly made of strong die cast aluminum alloy with quick release dust cap is provided on top of the tank in accordance with calibration in USG/liters.
Following accessories are std. on ATLAS - SHIRAWI Fuel Tankers.

Steel reinforced discharged & filling fuel hose with quick release cam lock (al) couplings 3 meters length 4 nos.
Hose box on either side of the tank for storage of hoses.
Steel mudguards with rubber mud flaps.
A nonslip walkway is provided on top of the tank to provide access to the man-holes.
Side lamps along the left and right side of the tank.
Fire extinguisher with mounting brackets.
Blasted to S.A.2.5 Swedish Standards.
Internal Painting : Diesel wash for standard tanks. Special Epoxy lining suitable for JP8 & JET FUEL.
External Painting : Primed and finish coated in single color enamel/epoxy pain system to clients specifications.

METER - rotary vane type positive displacement large numerical reset counter and totalizer reading in USG/liters per min.
Hose reels - spring rewind/hydraulic rewind or explosion-proof electric rewind hose reel with collapsible steel reinforced fuel hose & over wing swivel type discharge nozzle
Filter Monitor, Air Eliminator, Differential Pressure Gauge, Thermal Pressure Relief Valve.
Scully overfills protection system.
Safety brake interlock system
High intensity, 360-degree rotating beacons.
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