Al Shirawi Equipment Company Launches New Semi Trailer For Bulk Salt Movement January 2011
Salt Bulker
Al Shirawi Equipment Company (ASECO) has launched a semi trailer for the transportation of salt. This requirement is for an oil field services company that regularly needs this salt to manufacture brine for use in well services.

The three axle semi trailer has a capacity of 40 cubic meters, The trailers were made with the collaboration of Hermanns GMBH (https://www.hermanns-silo.com)... Read More
Al Shirawi Equipment Completes Delivery of New Semi Trailer October 2010
Semi Trailer
Al Shirawi Equipment company, the largest truck body manufacturer in the Northern Gulf, finished delivering to Bin Omran, Qatar their new U-shaped tipping trailers.

The 38 tippling trailers were part of a package of semi trailers that were coupled to West European truck chassis namely Volvo and Mercedes Benz. While the truck chassis order was split, the semi trailer was ordered all from Al Shirawi Equipment Company...
Read More
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