Process Equipment Division

Giving shape to the country's plans in the oil Industry
ATLAS Process Equipment Division was established in 1980. And in just one and half decades, it has become a leading manufacturer in the industry with a wide range of prestigious clients including government corporations.

The foremost reason for this rapid success is the engineering skills and technical excellence of all ATLAS personnel. ATLAS has a team of competent engineers who not only try to innovate continuously but also understand the special requirements of custom built fabrications. Moreover, regular inputs from the company like ongoing training programmes enable the personnel to undertake a journey on the path of "Total Quality Management" - a ATLAS commitment.

Apart from technical excellence, our commitment to customer satisfaction gives ATLAS - Process Equipment Division an edge over others. ATLAS's team of dedicated professionals respond immediately to regular as well as urgent customer needs, strengthening our reputation for quality and reliability.

In brief, modern equipment, vast infrastructure and highly experienced personnel are the factors which have put ATLAS - Process Equipment Division among the leaders.
The Experience
ATLAS Process Equipment Division has designed, fabricated, tested and supplied a wide range of sophisticated equipment for prestigious customers in U.A.E., OMAN, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, KSA and DOHA - QATAR in the following industries.

Petrochemical Industries.
Gas Processing Units.
Cement Plants.
Pollution Control Systems.
Chemical Industries.
Beside facilities for designing and monitoring of projects, it also undertakes the fabrication of all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and materials, conforming to international codes and specification such as ASME, BS, TEMA, etc.
Over the years, ATLAS has worked in close association with many organisations and has benefited immensely from these partnership. Among the prestigious organisations are :

Abu-Dhabi Oil Company : (ADOC - U.A.E.)
Caltex Al Khaleej : (U.A.E.)
Central Military Command : (Dubai)
Department of Civil Aviation : (U.A.E.)
Emirates Petroleum Products Company : (EPPCO - U.A.E.- ENOC)
Petroleum Development of Oman : (P.D.O. - OMAN)
Qatar General Petroleum Corprn. : (Q.G.P.C. - QATAR)
Shell Markets : (M.E. - U.A.E.)
In addition, ATLAS has earned full confidence of leading surveyors, such as Lloyds Registrar Industrial Services, ABSTECH and Bureau Veritas among many others.
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