Al Shirawi Transit Mixer Truck


ATLAS - SHIRAWI - IMER Transit Mixers / Cement mixer truck or concrete transit mixer, UAE, is available in collaboration with M/s. IMER of Italy for operating under severe conditions in the Gulf region. IMER has been building truck mixers for 30 years, they are tested and developed in extensive test programs and are in operation all over the world. Their immense experience is based on this exceptionally varied range of operating conditions.

Al Shirawi Equipment Co. LLC draws on the high technical expertise of M/s. IMER and available Transit Mixers here in the U.A.E.

The ATLAS - SHIRAWI- IMER Mixer boasts of an all high grade special 30 MnB5 or equivalent wear resistant steel construction, separate oil circuits for power hydraulics and transmission to ensure maximum reliability. Compact oil cooling system with thermostat control, 10 litre oil tank with intake-side filter system, filter with shutoff valve. Drain valves for drip-free oil changes. Double walled, enclosed water-tank support bracket, tank with rubber mountings, water system with German TUV test certificate. Welded spiral blades 400 mm in diameter, or 450 mm at discharge end. Standard wear protection (Liebherr system) welded to the sides. Low overall centre of gravity improves the truck's handling : low loading height, minimum headroom required. Divided rear mudguard's, mounted on plastic underlays. Generously dimensioned support ring, to match overall mixer size. Discharge hopper with screw adjustment, inclined end panel for easier cleaning. Wear plates in input hopper and pivoting chute as standard equipment. The side plate system enables the mixer subframe to be rigidly.

fixed at close enough intervals over its entire length to form the all important composite with the chassis, without compromising the ability of the body to flex as necessary to avoid stress damage and, or misalignment occurring within the mixer superstructure. Access ladder with large, highm, mounted platform. Enclosed-pattern support structure for pivoting chute, designed to withstand severe loads.
Wear protection on the spiral blades.
Wear protection is standard on the sides of the spiral blades, to prolong their operating life. It prevents radial cracks occurring and can easily be renewed.
Separate drive unit.
Power can also be taken from a separate engine. ATLAS Baryval uses Deutz engines as standard. There is a noise insulating hood if strict emission limits have to be complied with.
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