Atlas Water tanker


ATLAS - SHIRAWI Water Tankers, UAE, are precisely designed and fabricated in cylindrical, elliptical and 'D' shape to suit specification of truck chassis manufacturer and customers' requirements for handling drinking water, salt water, and agricultural water. The tank superstructure is fabricated of high strength heat-treated fine grain steel which conforms to ASTM standards SA 36 grade or equivalent which gives strength and durability. We are quintessential example of water tank trailer manufacturers in UAE
ATLAS - SHIRAWI water tankers cover capacities from 1000 I.G.to 5000 I.G. and 6000 I.G. to 12000 I.G. for tanker semi-trailers.
The tank shell is precisely rolled on CNC Plate Bending Machine from steel plates. The ends of the tank are closed with dished and flanged ends. Internally fitted with transverse anti-surge baffles with manholes for access between compartments.
Manholes are provided on top of the tank of size 20" Dia. with filling hatch of 10" and pressure vent.
Depending upon the capacity and flow rate of the contents suitable piping, brass/stainless steel valves and galvanized fittings are provided. The pipeline internal surface is suitably coated. A gravity outlet at the bottom, with filling and discharge nozzles, are provided at the rear bottom end of the tank.
Self-priming centrifugal pump petrol/diesel engine driven or power take-off driven pump fitted on the tank are easy to start and use, more efficient, economical operation with low noise and vibration level. Capacities range from 70 usg/min.to 350 usg/min. depending upon the capacity of the tank.
Following accessories are standard on ATLAS - SHIRAWI water tankers;

Discharge/filling hose 3 meters' length. - 4 nos.
Hose box on either side of the tank.
Steel mudguards with rubber mud flaps.
Access ladder at the rear of the tank and G.I. walkway on the top of the tank.
Side lamps along the left and right side of the tank.
Rear bumper with the reflector.

Blasted to S.A. 2.5 Swedish standards.
Internal Painting: Epoxy paint system to customer's specification.
External Painting: Primed and finish coated in single color enamel paint system to customers' choice.

PTO driven pump.
Spray bar with the nozzle.
360-degree rotating beacons.
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